Expert Tips

To help you maximise your potential and beat rival candidates to the job you want, The Match Company’s consultants have provided some expert tips that you may wish to consider.

Successful CV’s & Job Applications

Your CV and written job application provide the first opportunity to make a good impression and are a major factor in whether you get called for an interview with a prospective employer.  Details must be succinctly communicated and factually correct as they will be checked but you must also:

  • Ensure all relevant experience is cited
  • Account for any gaps in your work history
  • Write concisely on no more than two pages
  • Refrain from overcrowding the pages and using intricate designs
  • Pay particular attention to and double-check spelling and grammar
  • Include evidence to support your experience
  • Outline work history chronologically, starting with the most recent
  • Be realistic and match your expectations with the position for which you are applying.

Successful Interview Techniques

Once called for an interview, you know that you are of interest to a potential employer but you cannot afford to be complacent.  We will help to make all of the arrangements but the onus is then on you to come across professionally and perform well.  Pre-consider the likely questions plus your answers and:

  • Ensure you know the correct interview time and location
  • Plan your journey so that you don’t arrive too early or late
  • Research the position you are interviewing for
  • Be prepared to answer questions on any element of your CV, why you want the position and why you want to a career move
  • Dress appropriately, paying particular attention to small details such as your nails and shoes
  • Don’t take friends or family to accompany you
  • Be courteous and polite
  • Only speak of previous employers and colleagues with respect
  • Avoid discussing remuneration or benefits
  • Be positive, confident and smile
  • Remain open-minded even if you have some initial reservations
  • Consider pertinent questions that you may want to ask
  • Thank the interviewer for their time.