Domestic Roles

The Match Company has extremely experienced and capable candidates to introduce to you once you have registered with us by telephone or the online Client Registration form.

As a preview to the candidates we can supply, we have outlined below the various domestic roles for which we recruit and that our individual candidates are specifically qualified to perform.  All of our candidates have impeccable references, exhibit good demeanour and understand the importance of discretion regarding employers.

House Managers

House Managers are ultimately responsible and accountable for managing your entire household.  They display excellent managerial qualities and organisational skills to perform core duties which usually include:  staff management and training; development of standards and protocols; supervising household accounts and budgeting; stock-taking inventories; control of supplies and procurement; plus the planning of formal entertainment and business schedules.  They are experienced with office-based software plus payroll and basic accounting software.   


Housekeepers are flexible, competent and experienced in maintaining your house in a clean and tidy fashion, with the ability to supervise other members of staff when required.  Core duties usually include:  general household cleaning; planning daily meals for the household; grocery shopping; household laundry; plus care of antiquities and artworks.  Housekeepers set the standard for maintaining immaculate households. 


Couples, whether married or in a long-term relationship, usually cover all domestic duties between them for average size households.  In larger or more formal residences, an experienced couple will often take the roles of house manager and estate manager, providing maintenance and security of the property while you are away.  A resident couple may also take care of your household pets on a daily basis.


Butlers thrive on providing flawless organisation and an immaculate service for you.  They combine and supervise household skills from housekeeper, waiter, chef, valet and chauffeur through to personal assistant, displaying excellence and aplomb across every role with charismatic refinement.  Core duties usually include:  recruiting and supervising household staff; maintaining employee records and household accounts; taking responsibility for stock control; liaising with contractors and suppliers; menu planning; greeting and dining etiquettes; stocking wine cellars; booking travel arrangements; caring for clothes; with an impeccable telephone manner. 


Chefs can make a dramatic difference to the life of a household and help to generate your family’s reputation for entertaining and fine dining.  Core duties usually include:  menu planning; grocery purchasing; general ingredient and meal preparation; catering for parties and occasions; plus maintaining food health and safety requirements.


Sat-Nav has a role but it will never replace qualified chauffeurs who will expertly drive you through London and navigate all main routes beyond, in the UK and abroad.   They are predominantly right-hand experienced for motoring in the UK, with left-hand experience for continental driving.  Most have completed advanced driving courses and hold British Chauffeurs Guild qualifications.  All hold a clean, full licence and can proficiently handle various, prestigious, performance cars including:  Bentley; Rolls Royce; Jaguar; Mercedes; Aston Martin; and limousines.  We can also source security trained drivers should you require.

Estate Managers

Estate managers are likely to be the most senior member of your staff, with managerial responsibility for all property and land, rather than just solely residential premises.  They usually manage multiple properties on one or more estates owned by their employer and ensure all are well organised and meticulously maintained.  They will supervise and guide the collective operations of all outside event, gardening, maintenance and other ground staff plus the supervision of estate budgets and accounts.  Most will hold land management or farming qualifications and will have previously worked in senior positions at other large estates. 


Gardeners tend and care for all cultivated grounds around your property, preferably with the benefit of holding horticultural qualifications.  Many clients require applicants to have a strong knowledge of hosted, formal gardens and topiary, vegetable gardens, organics, herbaceous settings, woodlands, ponds and rockery, themed gardens plus swimming pool maintenance.  Experience operating and maintaining garden machinery is essential.


Nannies are supplied with either NVQ123 vocational qualifications or first-hand experience from similar roles, particularly if a mother themselves.  Childcare is a highly responsible position and usually includes:  all nursery duties; preparing children’s meals; washing and ironing children's clothes; ensuring children's bedrooms and play rooms are clean and orderly; performing school runs; and supporting children’s participation in community activities.  Nannies adept at stimulating a child’s early development by balancing creative, educational and recreational activity, are highly sought after particularly if they hold clean and full driving licences.

Private Personal Assistants

Private Personal Assistants work on an intimate basis within your home office environment.  They are responsible for managing all of your organisational and administrative matters and duties usually include:  running the home office; providing all secretarial skills and administrative support functions; diary management and scheduling appointments; responding to mail; managing accounts payable and expenses; organising travel arrangements; overseeing any special projects; plus organising your corporate and private entertainment.